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Fitness Classes

& Open Gym Visits

Single Class / Visit = $28

Weekly Unlimited Classes / Visits = $65

5 Class / Visit Package = $120

10 Class / Visit Package = $220

20 Class / Visit Package = $395

Unlimited Monthly Pass = $180 (autopay)

Student Holiday Pass = $75 (2 weeks unlimited classes and open gym)

Find a Class that works for you, or take advantage of our Open Gym offerings. Strength, endurance, intensity, balance, movement, flow, mobility and mindfulness, we've got it covered.. Some classes deliver results through a fusion of two or more differing modalities. Some classes come to you with a single minded focus, and in a few we will throw the entire Toybox at you! You are encouraged to lock in the zone, be present and earn your sweat!  (All class / visit packages and passes are subject to 10% WA State Sales Tax)


Full use of our facility to your heart's content!  Open Gym is available Monday - Friday 5:30 am - 1:00 pm, Monday - Thursday 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm and Saturdays & Sundays 8:00 am - 11:00 am.  No more fighting for space or waiting for equipment.  Open Gym and Small Group Classes utilize the same packages / visit options.  Same packages with flexibility to bounce between classes and gym usage on your own. 

Arms & Abs

Join us for this power packed class guaranteed to rock your core and strengthen those arms!  Abs and Arms is the perfect complement for runners and cyclists looking to add strength to their training schedules. Have you been told you need to strengthen your core?  You've found the place! - 45 Minutes.

Barre / Mat Pilates / Core

Julie's classic blend of all things Barre, Pilates and Core.  This class is so sneaky.  It doesn't "look" hard or stressful, but 10 minutes in your muscles will be shaking and burning from all the goodness.   You will love this!


Plan to hit all areas at IMPACT including our treadmills, rowers, stair-steppers, spin bikes, weights, TRX and more in this uber fun, full body circuit style class.  This is your one stop shop for body rocking strength, cardio and core.  We use a variety of dynamic formats including HIIT, Tabata, Plyometrics and good old fashioned cardio intervals leaving your body strong, sweaty and unstoppable! - 60 Minutes. 

Cardio / Strength

Our popular fusion class of full body strength moves and HIIT intervals to keep you moving, torching calories and getting strong! - 60 Minutes.

Cycle / Yoga

The best of heart pumping energy producing indoor cycling (30-35 minutes) immediately followed by a warm, flowy yoga session (30-35 minutes) to end the perfect workout.   Ahhhhhhhhh . . . 

Functional Strength Training

Join us for this full body class programmed to improve everyday movement, strength and functionality.  Each class begins with muscle activation and mobility work, then moves into strength, balance, rotation and core. - 60 Minutes.


A gem of a small group class (8 max) for any and all middle school aged girls.  Each class will be tailored based on those that are signed up that day.  We make fitness fun again!  First class??  Bring a friend for free . . . it's on us. 

Glutes & Guts

Full out - lower body strength work with an extra emphasis on the glutes and abs. We will shake, we will sweat, we will get STRONG! - 45 Minutes.

Golf Stick Mobility

Join our mobility master Ryan for this class designed to mimic the movements you use while swinging those pesky little sticks.  Hip mobility, thoracic spine rotation, ground stability and SO much more.  This class will run for four consecutive Wednesdays, May 10 - May 31.



Jump in the saddle and let's RIDE! - 45 Minutes.

Ride & Rip

One of our signature classes!  We ride our little hearts out for 35 (ish) minutes then jump straight into full body strength work - 60 Minutes. 

Stick Mobility

A practice that develops a foot-to-core and hand-to-core connection that safely works to increase range of motion through joint mobilization, isometric strengthening and deep fascial stretching. Join with us to learn more about where your current mobility is and ways to improve it. - 45 Minutes

Studio Circuit

One of our new favs.  This circuit style training class is held in our studio, giving us the opportunity to design new circuits each and every class.  We promise heart pumping cardio and muscle strengthening sets. We will use all the toys - 60 Minutes

TRX Strength

Using our TRX suspension training system as the core of this class, we in different modalities to further enhance your overall strength and bust your metabolism to a record high! Be prepared for Kettlebells, medicine balls and more in addition to TRX. Think strong, think lean, think unstoppable! - 60 Minutes

Flow Yoga

Yoga guaranteed to move, stretch and balance your body. We know our peeps, and we know our lane.  We keep our Yoga a tad on the more athletic side and WAY more on the fun side.  No chanting . . . but lots of chaturangas! - 60 Minutes


Access our entire library = $25/month

Join your IMPACT Fitness & Training Family for a workout anytime, anywhere.  Your workout, your time, your location.  Our entire library of over 120 (and counting!) on-demand fitness videos is now available on our app.

Same place you go to sign up for classes!  We are confident that you will find everything you need and more to stay active, stay healthy and most likely a little sweaty!  Once you have purchased your monthly subscription here, you can access our on-demand video library to get started on your at-home fitness journey. 

Please let us know if there are any workouts that you would like us to record.  We are adding new videos weekly and would love to provide you with exactly what you want to see.  


  • How do I schedule a class?
    Classes are scheduled via our mobile app in collaboration with MindBody scheduling software. Tap the Log In button in the menu bar to begin.
  • How soon can I sign up for a class?
    1 week prior to the class.
  • What if a class is full?
    We suggest you place yourself on the waitlist. If you are on our waitlist and a spot opens up, you will be sent a text, email or both (depending on the preferences you set in MindBody) to let you know a spot is available! To ensure that we are all continually bathed in good karma, please be sure to cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before class if you sadly will not be able to join in the fun. Failure to cancel a reservation within the specified time frame, when there is a waitlist in place, will result in the loss of a class from your Class Package.
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