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Personal Training

We ensure that our clients use their bodies to move, push, pull, twist, bend, jump and leap. Your goals, your aspirations, your intention are matched only by our team of innovative, dedicated and passionate nationally certified personal trainers. Our commitment is to walk side by side with you as you achieve, maintain, and increase your desired level of health and fitness.

No pre-planned workouts, no one-size fits all. This is about YOU, with decades of experience and education under our belts, we are a committed team of master trainers that embody our love of fitness. We walk our talk, study the newest advances in fitness and remain focused on you, our client.

Save 10% when you pre-pay for 5 sessions, save 15% on 10.


Come as you are - that is where we begin.  TRAINING is personal again.  Our team of Nationally Certified Personal Trainers have fine-tuned 5 comprehensive programs designed for YOU.  Working with a trainer is about living better, moving better, and feeling good about yourself.  Look no further, we've got an approach that will fit your personal skills and overall improvement goals.

Lean & Mean

Expect lower weights with higher rep counts, cardio intervals and core work all designed to bring you a full body workout.  Big calorie burn, big sweat, big fun!

Buff & Tough

Get ready to add muscle mass and tap into your "I've got this!" attitude.  Lower rep count, heavier weights, progressive programming.  All under highly trained supervision of your IMPACT Trainer.

Game Ready

What's your game?  Tennis?  Golf?  Marathon Running?  However you choose to spend your recreation time, we will be by your side with a training plan designed specifically for your game.


Sometimes the smartest move is a small step back.  Are you looking to recover from a recent injury, or seeking increased balance and stability?  Has work-from-home posture become a thing?  This one is for you!

Student Strong

Designed for our favorite clients...Middle and High School students!  Our bodies all develop at different rates.  Let our Nationally Certified Team of Trainers assess your student's growth patterns and physical needs to move forward with confidence, strength and resilience. 

Options & Pricing

Individual Training

A little me time...we get it!  This option is perfect for those looking to tackle personal goals one on one.

  • 30 min = $67     5 Sessions = $305   10 Sessions = $570

  • 45 min = $87     5 Sessions = $390  |  10 Sessions = $725

  • 60 min = $105   5 Sessions = $470   10 Sessions = $880

Partner Training

Working our with your bestie is the best!  This option is great for couples, family duos, and friends.

  • 45 min = $63    |  5 Sessions = $290   10 Sessions = $550

  • 60 min = $78     5 Sessions = $350   10 Sessions = $670

Small Group Training

Three clients, one time.  This options expands upon the Partner option.

  • 45 min = $56     5 Sessions = $260   10 Sessions = $470

  • 60 min = $67     5 Sessions = $305  |  10 Sessions = $575

Prices are per client.  Save 10% when you pre-pay for 5 sessions, save 15% on 10 (our most popular package).


  • How do I schedule a class?
    Classes are scheduled via our mobile app in collaboration with MindBody scheduling software. Tap the Log In button in the menu bar to begin.
  • How soon can I sign up for a class?
    1 week prior to the class.
  • What if a class is full?
    We suggest you place yourself on the waitlist. If you are on our waitlist and a spot opens up, you will be sent a text, email or both (depending on the preferences you set in MindBody) to let you know a spot is available! To ensure that we are all continually bathed in good karma, please be sure to cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before class if you sadly will not be able to join in the fun. Failure to cancel a reservation within the specified time frame, when there is a waitlist in place, will result in the loss of a class from your Class Package.
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