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Safe & Sqeaky Clean Anchor

Our Mission

Our promises to motivate, inspire and empower with integrity in everything we do.

Think of us as your personal health cheerleader, swami and role model.  Together we are unstoppable!

To be completely transparent in all of our rates and fees.

No hidden charges, no long contracts . . . that’s just bad karma!  

To provide nothing short of current, cutting edge programming.

We love to learn! Continuing education and collaboration with colleagues is like a day of play for us.

To keep our classes small.
The best of both worlds. You will gain the motivating and inspiring atmosphere of sweating it out with others in our state of the art facility. At the same time we will keep our class sizes small so you receive the personal attention level that you so richly deserve. And let’s not forget that the days of fighting for your spot in class are over! Use our online reservation system to grab your spot in class, then kick back and relax knowing that your next great workout is awaiting you.

To provide the cleanest facility possible. 

Yup!  You might need to wear your shades to shield your eyes against our sparkling clean floors, equipment and locker rooms. Nothing but the best and brightest for you.

To support YOUR health, fitness and athletic goals.   

This is not about us telling you what you should look like or feel like.  It is about you communicating with your trainer, instructor, or any of our nationally certified staff. We work side by side with you to guide you to where you want to be. Because after all, it really is all about you!

Safe & Squeaky Clean

Our Clients and our Team are priority #1.  We follow strict safety and cleaning protocol based on CDC recommended best practices.  Rest easy (while working out hard!) knowing that IMPACT Fitness + Training always has been, and always will be squeaky clean.

Please Mask Up

We recognize that working out in masks is not everyone's jam, but for now it remains the right thing to do.  We are closely monitoring our State's guidelines and will update our protocol when the time is right.

Improved & Enhanced Airflow

Breath easy and enjoy our newly upgraded HVAC system with MERV-13 filters and maximized air turnover throughout our facility.

Cleaning, Cleaning, and more Cleaning

Anti-viral wipes and anti-viral spray for the win!  All high-touch surface and all equipment are continually cleaned.  We ask all clients to please sanitize their hands upon entering the studio.  Squeaky clean is the name of the game. 

MIAC Becomes IMPACT Fitness+Training

MI Athletic Club is in our bones, it is in our hearts.   But our name did not represent who we are or what we do. 

This past year gave us all time to sit back and reflect on life, on how to cope with the challenges presented to us and on how we would come out the other side of a Global Pandemic.  

As part of our reflection, we realized that our name (MI Athletic Club) simply did not resonate as to who we are and what we do.  “Clubs” are exclusive & private.  “Clubs” require you to join and pay membership fees.

If you know us, you know that is not the case, but those that didn’t know us, didn’t know, and our name was hinderance.  “I don’t want to join another Club”, “I already belong to too many Clubs” was a common theme.   

With that, welcome to IMPACT Fitness + Training!  Our brand is a now a clear definition of who we are and what we do.  We are proud to be Mercer Island’s Premier Fitness + Training Studio.  

We can’t wait to work together to create positive IMPACT on your health, fitness & wellness. 

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